Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to identify the effectiveness of Leadership?

'To get the things done by self is very easy but to get the same done by others is a real challenge.'

Real managers who understand and practice this become real leaders. They don't only believe in themselves but most importantly trust in their team members by exploring their respective strengths and areas of improvement. This enables the leaders to delgate the right work to right people. In this way all team members are not only effective but they complement each other rather than feelling threatened.

Real Leaders do not interfere much unless the job goes totally out of track. Full freedom with authority is delegated to the team member enabling him/ her to perform the tasks assigned. Giving the right to pursue entrepreneurial behaviour is something that witnesses boost in performance across the floor.

Real leaders do not have any vested interests. Their only vested interest is the team performance and professional satisfaction of the team members. Such leaders make sure that the performance is recognised as team work and not as individual work. These leaders don't even over whelm any team member, rather work on the weakest team member to boost his/ her performance so as the team performance can be further enhanced.

Let us look at this logically. Think of a team member in your team who is doing exceptionally well, the scope of improvement in such case would be limited than the scope in case of a team member who still has long way to get up to the mark level. Rather performing team member's performance can be hampered if all the attention and over appreciation is given to them as they can become arrogant and feel they are invincible. In other words it can be said as such leaders are responisble for deterioration of performing team members.
The author suggests that managers have to be cautious of these situations. As there is always a temptation of fast success and some managers get trapped, thinking that by providing more support to the performers, they will be able to enhance their performance hence team performance. A real leader believes in continuous working and working on/ with all team members at par.

In conclusion, it is said that there is no readymade success or shortcut to success. In fact such things do not exist. Also there is something which no manager should forget, 'Past success no guarantee for future success.' and this holds true for the manager/ leader himself/ herself.

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