Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coping Up with Changing Times!

The times are changing very fast and so are the business requirements. All businesses worldwide strive hard to create a difference and remain successful. In the race of maintaining and sustaining, businesses face challenges day in and day out. So what is the best way of keeping yourself at pace? Which innovative idea can guarantee us ‘Success’?

The answer is very simple indulge yourself into continuous innovation. Easy said than done, isn’t it? But then this is the only key to success. Worldwide businesses invest lot of resources in finding the different ways of doing things. Aiming to optimize on various aspects of businesses e.g. total cost of ownership etc. The key is how to run the business at minimal cost including minimal rework.
The times were tough during recession that backfired the whole financial system worldwide and still has some of its impact. It was like a nuke bomb explosion in financial markets. Like nukes it had ripple effect and we saw fall of financial institutions one after another followed by non-financial industries. Everything is interconnected. It is very hard to say that a particular industry is absolutely risk free. In fact absolute risk free doesn’t exist, everything is vulnerable.
World saw many companies vanishing and many survived the storm by using some innovative strategies.


  1. Hey Girish well said.....but what next?

  2. Its not about what next but a continuous journey of improvement and being vigilent so that the economies do not suffer due to sudden failures/ malfunctioning of certain organisations