Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Human Behaviour - Introspection!

As a human our propensity or disposition inadvertently is that we tend to find flaws or reason for why a specific act was done by such and such person, without reflecting these exact thoughts on our own self and we completely ignore our acts! And it is really a prerequisite to transform this ignorance into realisation, into self-introspection, not just once or twice but on a regular basis if we want to witness a renovation. The way ‘Charity begins at home’, ‘To bring in the change one has to be the change’.

While I was penning down these things one of my fond memories knocked in; My mentor and Ex-boss, late Mr Edburg P Mendes taught me in my very early years of career and I quote "When you're nothing or doesn't have any identity/ recognition in the world, world will give you only crap but when you become something and are capable of bringing a change; create the world you always wanted for yourself and be always conscious of never to give back what you got from the world". This also means that if you give back what you are getting then it’s like 'garbage in garbage out' and there is no constructive contribution that you are making with this approach. And if you keep this progressive attitude up then what it would establish is that all the garbage that you got, when you were nothing has been successfully converted into a high-quality manure.  

Therefore, what becomes utmost important in our life is 'WHAT WE DO'.

Remember that you cannot control anyone else's behaviour/ action but only yours. That means by controlling your behaviour/ action, you can control other's conduct/ reaction, as it is no more action but only reaction.

So, let's not crib about the situation you think that you are trapped into and curse your luck and time, let's do something about it.  You are your own boss and this control on present situation is what will help you in deriving your path for success.

Happy Controlling!!!

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